Absolut – 2019 Demonstration


Absolut is a Toronto, Canada based hardcore punk band with an impressive discography considering their formation back in 2010. The band plays something between Swedish, Japanese, British and American school of hardcore punk and kinda reminds me of the music played by the legendary bands such as Anti-Cimex, Broken Bones, English Dogs, Heresy, Ghoul, Discharge, Poison Idea, Battalion Of Saints, Crucifix…just to name a few. 2019 Demonstration has been recorded in May of 2019. and it contains four amazing tracks which sound like they’ve been recorded back in the 80s, reminiscing golden era for such a genre, but still not copying the bands I’ve already have mentioned above. The production is clean with the vocals being the only exception since Absolute are following the same tradition of their previous releases by adding some reverb/delay over the vocals, but still, these effects are not spoiling the overall listening experience. The music is written with a lot of sense, the riffs are not boring at all and the solos are performed with an enormous precision considering this is a punk band. The only mistake Absolut made with this one is the duration of the material. The demo is too short, but hopefully, this amazing material is just an introduction for some following LP which will be published sometime in the future. The cover artwork is plain and simple with a band and demo titles being written with bold times new roman font on a black background. Such a nice focus on the good music without any other distractions in the way. I highly recommend this piece of work to all the fans of precise, fast, but still raw sounding hardcore punk music, you’ll not be disappointed at all.