Vidro – Allt Brinner LP (Kink Records)


There are a lot of things going on the current hardcore punk scene. The bands are just popping up from like everywhere and there are a lot of really great ones. Vidro are hailing from Stockholm, Sweden and they’re one of those great newer band who started up their career in 2017. with a really good demo recording. What really got me into their music is a weird obscure guitar sound which is a mixture of a couple guitar effects, possibly some abnormal blend of reverb, vibrato or something in between and a great dose of distortion which instantly reminded me of some bands who used exactly the same sound during the 80s. The rhythm section is filling up the guitar sound with a nice dose of good bass lines and solid mid tempos. The sound might be dissonant, atonal or out of tune on some arrangements, but that’s the beauty of punk rock, right? In fact, Vidro are blending post-punk / new wave sound with old school hardcore punk and amazing female vocals are adding even more anger to the already dark and chaotic music. What’s more important, Vidro are playing their music in a three-chord form and they’re doing it like a pros. Allt Brinner is one of those types of vinyl records which will probably confuse you on the beginning, but you’ll endlessly love it after a couple of spinnings. Cover artwork consists of a xerox printed photo of a vocalist and their logo is placed at the upper left corner of the cover art. This amazing record has been published by Kink Records from Germany and it’s available on the label’s website. If you’re much more into digital music, you can grab it for free at Vidro’s bandcamp page.




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