The Decline – Verge Collection (Pee Records)


Brand new CD by The Decline is here and this time they’ve decided to put three new tunes for our listening pleasure. Hailing from Adelaide, Australia, they’ve come a long way from a classic skate punk band to much more pop-punk sounding band and that’s hearable in their music. The Decline are flirting with classic pop-punk arrangements and skate punk melodies all along, with all the tunes being potential radio hits. Their ability to transform simple melodies into two and a half minutes compositions full of singalongs and pure energy is amazing. And with Stacy Lee from Bad Cop / Bad Cop being a guest vocal on Verge Collection, this tiny piece of pop-punk material had become an orchestral monster of the big proportions. What’s more important, perhaps this improved version of The Decline’s music will not suit well to the older fans of the band, but it will gather the new ones because of a commercial approach to the sound. The older fans will have to listen to these three tracks over and over again until they became much more aware of the beauty of the well produced pop-punk songs which will enrich their record collection as the times goes by. The tradition of cool cover artworks is still following The Decline and this time they picked up some cool flask design with a piece of cloth sticking from it. It reminds me of an improved version of a Molotov cocktail and I guess that was the intention. Everything is done in a modern pop style, but it kinda suits to the sound of a brand new The Decline which is available through Pee Records. Verge Collection is available at the Pee Records bandcamp page, so give it a try, maybe you will love the brand new sounds of these amazing guys from a Land Down Under.