No Borders – The Walls They Build… The Walls We Break


No Borders are a powerful political hardcore punk trio with members located in Canada and the US. The band proudly stands against fascism, racism, therefore they are pro-immigrant, against deportations and all kinds of discriminations over those who are oppressed all over the world. The Walls They Build…The Walls We Break contains straightforward old school hardcore punk tracks which reminded me of music played by the bands like Manliftingbanner, Nations On Fire and Seein’ Red. Tracks are inspired about the problems such as current worldwide political scene, police oppression, social injustice and issues like the stress and anxiety that come from fearing deportation, the contributions made by immigrant communities, youth crime, and police harassment and brutality, as the band stated on their bandcamp page. Speaking in general, they delivered what scene needed the most and that’s politics on the today’s scene where people are caring about their new cell phones and act as scene police towards those who don’t want to fit in the crowd. Punk became what we feared the most, a market full of consumers who are willing to act as internet warriors instead to be the example and make a change on their local scene. Luckily, a band like No Borders is inspired by the essence of the hardcore punk and by that I mean about DIY ethics and staying true to the underground music what punk truly was at the beginnings, a place for the freethinkers who were outcasts and cared about the community. Music-wise, you’ll be blown away by the fast tempos, great riffs and rhythm section which is tearing everything apart. Lyrics are amazing, intelligent and I highly recommend to take your time and read them carefully, because they are so relevant today. The Walls They Build… The Walls We Break is available on the red cassette with a xerox cover art printed on a red coloured paper. It’s strictly limited to fifty copies, so I a recommend you to contact the band directly through their bandcamp page and preserve your copy today.