Mud Dog – Strike Back EP


This year has been damn fine for the hardcore punk scene so far. Tons of newer bands proved that we have to sit back, relax and have nothing to worry about the future of the genre. Bunch of them just copy pasted same old riffs, added some flow to the tunes, but everything is the same in essence, but also there’s a lot of those band who pushed the boundaries and gave a proper example how things should be done. Mud Dog is one of those bands who really impressed me that much, there are not like any other band I’ve listened in a very long time. Strike Back is their brand new EP and a great continuation to their debut full length called Survive. For those who are not familiar with the music of this band, their style can be best described as an old new school to new school hardcore. These guys know how to blend up the best from both worlds and deliver some very thrashy riffs with tons of energy and great vocals are just adding some more anger all over the amazing music. The rhythm section is just insane and great production is just giving some more rage to the sheer sound of bass and drums. Strike Back EP contains five outrageous anthems for those who are looking out for much more than simple hardcore punk music and in combination with their debut album Survive, these guys can already brag how good they are. Cover artwork is done in the same style as Survive LP, the crocodile is still the main character as before, but this time crocodile is looking out at the passengers from the drain. It’s kinda wierd combination with such a piece of great music, but it does not spoil the overall visual experience. The best part of Strike Back EP is the availability. This amazing EP is available for a free download at the Mud Dog’s bandcamp page, so give it a try.