Skatecrime – Up Your Curb EP


Skatecrime is hardcore punk band hailing from Port St. Lucie, Florida and Up Your Curb is their debut EP release which contains seven songs, five tunes being their own and two covers songs are Everything Turns Grey by Agent Orange and Young Till I Die by 7 Seconds. Speaking of Skatecrime, there are a lot of things going on in their music and you’ll easily notice involvement of various well-known bands, such as Suicidal Tendencies, 7 Seconds, Pennywise, Avail, Model American, Good Riddance…just to name a few, but you’ll get a hint that it’s all about hardcore punk music with skatepunk attitude. Surprisingly, they didn’t fell under the influence of modern trends, so their production is sounding more like something that has been published at the beginning of the millennium than nowadays and that’s another big plus for this band. Their arrangements are exactly like that as well, they bring the spirit of those bands who continued the 90s wave of skatepunk and hardcore, but without fussy technicalities played by the tons of bands today. Vocals are not so melodic, but they are sticking somewhere in the middle between clean vocals and classic yelling, so Skatecrime will appeal to a wider audience who are looking out for best of both worlds. Cover songs are also well performed, with Everything Turns Grey played slightly faster than the original tune performed by Agent Orange, while Young Till I Die sounds almost the same like that one played by the 7 Seconds. Unfortunately, there is no information about hard copies of Up The Curb EP, so this is currently digital release only. It would be a shame if they stick to the digital release because this one surely deserves some vinyl or CD treatment. That being said, Up The Curb EP is available on the Skatecrime’s bandcamp page for seven bucks, so spend some cash and support this amazing band.