The Bellwethers - Of The Stars

The Bellwethers – Of The Stars

The Bellwethers - Of The Stars

Phoenix-based group The Bellwethers returns with Of The Stars, a second single released in 2023. It’s one of those compositions that will unquestionably appeal to even the pickiest fans of an alternative rock sound, but the band also thought about other listeners who’re not into this genre at all. Soundwise, perhaps Of The Stars explores the fundamentals of alternative music, but you’ll notice how some of the finest classic rock, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, space rock, and indie elements found their way into this track. All these complementary subgenres of rock music uplift Of The Stars on an entirely new level, rarely seen on the alternative music scene nowadays.

The Bellwethers - Of The Stars
Photo by Daniel Miller

The Bellwethers thoroughly planned each sonic maneuver, so Of The Stars has a perfect song structure based upon equally catchy verses and choruses. Each lead, theme, melody, and harmony carries so many sonic delicacies that you’ll need several listenings to grasp them all. Of course, the lead vocals, back vocals, and singalongs are centerpieces of this mesmerizing number. The singing segments undoubtedly shape that classic and psychedelic rock aspect alongside outstanding guitar performance based upon detailed chord progressions and riffs. You’ll hear how key/synth leads perfectly match guitars throughout the entire track, but they’re most notable during the choruses. The sound engineer/producer thought about the bass guitar, so you’ll hear all the low-end tones delivered by this vital instrument. Of course, nothing would sound so energetic without outstanding rhythmic sequences decorated with many accentuations, enhancements, and other percussive acrobatics. It’s nearly mindblowing how Of The Stars bursts with equal amounts of alternative, classic, progressive, and psychedelic rock from beginning to end without losing balance and consistency. The Bellwethers proved once again they’re one of the most creative and exciting modern bands who know how to write, compose, and record excellent alternative rock tracks. The single is available on all streaming platforms.





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