Julian Tran - Fantasy Unlimited: Part 1

Julian Tran – Fantasy Unlimited: Part 1

Julian Tran - Fantasy Unlimited: Part 1
Art by Thomas Brett

London-based artist Julian Tran released a new double single named Fantasy Unlimited: Part 1 a few days ago. It’s the fourth release in a row by this profoundly creative composer and producer who develops his pieces of sonic artistry from a home studio. Fantasy Unlimited: Part 1 represents the first installation of Julian‘s new four-part project. Each following release will also include two compositions and artworks by the British multi-disciplinary artist Thomas Brett.

Soundwise, Julian Tran delves deep into the aesthetics of cinematic ambiance, but that’s not the only genre you’ll stumble upon on this mesmerizing sonic journey. Quite the contrary, both pieces included in Fantasy Unlimited: Part 1 carry many elements of shoegaze, dream pop, folktronica, neoclassical, experimental, easy-listening, downtempo, and chill-out music.

Julian Tran - Fantasy Unlimited: Part 1

Fantasy Unlimited: Part 1 commences with Entry Into Valley, a divine ambient composition with so many different layers of sound included from scratch to finish. You’ll notice how the artist thoroughly planned each segment, where his outstanding vocal performance perfectly matches cathartic soundscapes based upon longevous ambiances, soothing drones, arpeggiated sequences, string-a-like orchestrations, flute solos, piano leads, and accentuations. It’s nearly mindblowing how these layers interact among themselves without spoiling each other. Entry Into Valley will keep your listening apparatus occupied until it collapses with a fade-out effect. Music genres like ambient, dream pop, and neoclassic shine bright in this number, and it serves as a perfect overture into Fantasy Unlimited: Part 1.

Parallel Sublime is an instrumental track where Julian Tran showcases all his songwriting, composing, and producing abilities. This number relies upon a catchy piano theme which leads into a solo decorated with many tiny string accentuations, enhancements, details, and other melodic maneuvers. Instruments like cello or violin especially shine bright in this composition, but the artist also thought about supporting instruments like synths, keys, and flutes that unquestionably uplift the beforementioned piano theme on an entirely new level. Like in the previous song, Julian Tran thoroughly planned each sonic maneuver so every layer, melody, harmony, or segment is there for a big reason. These soundscapes sound magnificent, mesmerizing, soothing, and relaxing, so the entire Fantasy Unlimited: Part 1 represents a colossal sonic equation assembled by an outstanding composer, producer, and artist. Don’t miss this piece of sonic artistry if you’re into perfectly executed ambient music. Fantasy Unlimited: Part 1. is available on all streaming platforms.





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