Dysplay - Ways To Spend Time

Dysplay – Ways To Spend Time

Dysplay - Ways To Spend Time

Here’s some more excellent music for your listening pleasure. Ways To Spend Time is the latest track by Los Angeles-based duo Dysplay. It’s the eighth composition in a row from the series of singles launched in 2018 and the second number this year. Besides announcing their forthcoming full-length album Electric Harbor, Ways To Spend Time also serves as a more than adequate continuation of The Worst Is Over, which this brilliant duo published earlier this year. Soundwise, Dysplay almost solely relies upon the fundamentals of contemporary indie music, and you’ll notice each vital element that defines this particular genre. However, Dysplay also paid attention while implementing enhancements, accentuations, decorations, and other details borrowed from similar music genres. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you stumble upon alternative, garage rock, post-punk, punk rock, and electronic music while listening to this catchy track.


Dysplay base this composition on catchy, dynamic, groovy, danceable drum and bass/jungle beats that serve as adequate rhythmic support for the remainder of the instrumentations. There is a thick layer of distorted basslines lurking around alongside these energetic beats that perfectly match the guitars later in this track. You’ll notice how the guitars burst with sheer power during the ear-appealing, hypnotic, cleverly assembled choruses decorated with many analog and electronic ambiances, accentuations, and other details. The flawlessly performed vocal lines suit all the orchestrations from scratch to finish, and you’ll also hear how some background singalongs uplift the atmosphere on an entirely new level. Lyricwise, Dysplay based their latest single around the fictional character who steals a car to escape from a daily routine but can’t take responsibility after being caught. The theme perfectly suits the highly energetic orchestrations, so this track will instantly end up on your indie playlist. Ways To Spend Time is available on all streaming platforms.





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