• Dysplay – Ways To Spend Time

    Dysplay – Ways To Spend Time

    Here’s some more excellent music for your listening pleasure. Ways To Spend Time is the latest track by Los Angeles-based duo Dysplay. It’s the eighth composition in a row from the series of singles launched in 2018 and the second number this year. Besides announcing their forthcoming full-length album Electric Harbor, Ways To Spend Time…

  • Fuckhead – Avoid Nil LP (Noise Appeal Records)

    Fuckhead – Avoid Nil LP (Noise Appeal Records)

    Here’s another good one from the recent batch of records sent by Noise Appeal Records. Once again, I am going back into the past and exploring the luxurious Noise Appeal catalog, and the release I picked up for today is unquestionably unique. Those who read my reviews regularly probably already know that this record label…