Under Delusion - Dive

Under Delusion – Dive

Under Delusion - Dive

After the excellent debut full-length called Lover and a series of singles like Shame, Forgive, Fairy, Follow Me, Pain, Cry Another Day, Awaken, Runaway, and Over The Rainbow, Under Delusion return with another exceptional composition called Dive. This particular number comes as an appropriate continuation of their previous works, but it also delivers some innovations in songwriting, composing, and technics used in sound production. Therefore, Dive arrives as an upgraded version of Under Delusion, who already set the bar high with their previous recordings. Soundwise, this highly creative trio explores the vast universe built upon complementary music genres. Perhaps the fundamentals of dark wave music come to mind first, but there are also some other elements borrowed from cold wave, post-punk, goth rock, goth pop, psych-rock, and indie rock roaming around in the mix. Of course, all these sonic ingredients serve as additional enhancements, accentuations, decorations, and other details that define some of the best darkwave songs.

Under Delusion

Under Delusions are pros in shaping that psychedelic, mesmerizing, gothy, danceable atmosphere that sets the listener in a unique, almost cathartic mood. As soon as you press play, your listening apparatus will feel an immediate rush of calm, soothing, relaxing, pleasant ambiance caused by moderate electronic beats, synthy basslines, arpeggiated chord progressions, catchy melodies, arpeggiated sequences, synth leads, and other orchestrations. However, the marvelous lead vocal harmonies remain a centerpiece of this composition from scratch to finish. You’ll notice how her exceptional voice perfectly suits every melody, lead, theme, or ambiance during this number. The entire group sounds divine, and it’s nearly impossible to pick just one particular instrument that stands out since all the details resonate with such a mesmerizing force that pursue your ears to delve even deeper into the song. Dive is such a catchy track that you should check it out as soon as possible. The single is available on all streaming platforms.





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