Bad Pelicans - Eternal Life Now LP - Geographie Records

Bad Pelicans – Eternal Life Now LP (Geographie Records)

Bad Pelicans - Eternal Life Now LP - Geographie Records

Wow! What a band! It’s not important what you are doing right now. The only thing you should think about is why you’re not spinning this record on your turntable. Bad Pelicans returned with Eternal Life Now, their second full-length album released by Geographie Records. It’s a post-punk masterpiece we’ve been all waiting for years! Some critics saw this album as a departure from the sound they showcased with their debut, but I would describe it as a logical extension or revolution of a band who knows how to surprise with some fresh, unique, perfectly executed ideas. Of course, these folks have all the experience to back these ideas up with proper musicianship, so it’s been a while since contemporary post-punk music sounded exciting as Eternal Life Now.

Eternal Life Now carries eleven exceptional compositions that will satisfy even the pickiest fans of post-punk music. However, it’s not just another regular post-punk album you stumble upon on streaming services or record shops. Bad Pelicans thought about each segment incorporated in every number, so this material simultaneously resonates with complexity, dynamics, and power. Besides the fundamentals of classic and contemporary post-punk music, you’ll also notice how art-punk, art-rock, noise rock, punk rock, alternative, and indie inspired these creative musicians to write, compose, record, and produce such an incredible album. There are moments when their music resembles some sonic maneuvers hearable on some goth rock, new wave, dark wave, cold wave, and no wave albums. You can also hear some orchestrations that will remind you of something emo, math rock, or post-hardcore groups would eventually record during their careers. However, Bad Pelicans are doing things their way, so all these beforementioned sonic acrobatics sound unique and are performed in their manner. These additional styles serve as necessary enhancements, accentuations, decorations, and other details that improve their already luxurious post-punk sound.

Of course, Bad Pelicans are not joking with their tracks. Besides the sound of this release that meets all the trends in music production, you’ll notice these guys sound progressive even when they’re experimenting with their instruments. The band included many improvised and regular chord progressions, clean-sounding and heavily distorted riffs, various virtuosities, melodies, harmonies, leads, and themes to satisfy all your cravings for post-punk acrobatics. The vividly hearable basslines come as a perfect match to high-pitched guitars. These servings of flawlessly performed low-end tones will arrive at your listening apparatus like a more than necessary wall of well-articulated noise that binds the remainder of the band together. Nothing would sound so profoundly dynamic without the exceptionally performed rhythmic sequences built upon detailed beats, continuous splashes over the cymbals, various accentuations, breaks, drum fills, and other percussive acrobatics that defines only the best post-punk, art-rock, and noise-rock albums. The lead vocalist emits several singing technics that usually vary on the ambiance, mood, situation, or any other aspect that could affect the song. They also included singalongs and back vocals, which enhance many of these moments on an entirely new level. Eternal Life Now sounds mesmerizing from scratch to finish. It’s one of those post-punk recordings you need in your record collection. Head to Geographie Records for more information about ordering.




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