Resignation - You Are More Than Right Now CS EP - Friend Club Records

Resignation – You Are More Than Right Now CS EP (Friend Club Records)

Resignation - You Are More Than Right Now CS EP - Friend Club Records

We have some more melodic music for you. Today, I will talk about You Are More Than Right Now, a cassette EP by Resignation. This Toledo, Ohio-based melodic punk rock group will knock your socks off with their ear-appealing melodies and tireless dynamics. Besides You Are More Than Right Now, Resignation released a two-song demo in 2022 and several singles, such as Eddie Kingston and Apologies Necessary. However, these tracks aren’t standalone singles, and they later appeared on You Are More Than Right Now. Judging by the visual appearance, you could assume Resignation is more into emo than melodic punk rock but don’t let these aesthetics fool you. Perhaps there are some connections with mid to late-nineties emo sound, usually hearable in bands like Hot Water Music, Samiam, and Farside, but Resignation’s sound is unquestionably more complex than that.

Maybe a clever combination of early 2000s melodic punk rock and early nineties post-hardcore comes to mind first, but don’t be surprised if you stumble upon some other elements along the way. These folks are into pop punk and indie too, and You Are More Than Right Now undoubtedly resonates with so many complementary music genres from scratch to finish. You’ll notice how all these sonic ingredients affected the sound of this genuine band. The musical influences are hearable through many guitar dualities that decorate almost all the songs on this tape. Both guitar players fight for dominance through many thoughtfully arranged leads, themes, melodies, and harmonies. You’ll hear how the rhythm guitar bursts with sheer power by firing heavily distorted riffs while the lead guitar continuously delivers catchy virtuosities. They are a significant part that shapes the melodic aspect of this excellent band.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the remainder of the band isn’t equally responsible for shaping the sound. Quite the contrary, you’ll hear how warm-sounding basslines lurk right beneath the layers of guitars and give more mass to the entire recording. The drummer shines with all the cleverly assembled rhythmic structures built upon energetic beats, catchy accentuations, fills, and other percussive acrobatics. You Are More Than Right Now wouldn’t sound so profoundly melodic without skillfully performed vocal harmonies decorated with powerful back vocals at all the appropriate moments. Resignation is one of those newer bands you should check out if you’re into mid-nineties emo, melodic punk rock, and post-hardcore. These guys deserve your utmost attention. You Are More Than Right Now is available on the cassette and on all streaming platforms. Don’t miss it!





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