Emilie Zoé - Hello Future Me - The Companion EP

Emilie Zoé – Hello Future Me – The Companion EP

Emilie Zoé - Hello Future Me - The Companion EP

It has been a while since this particular CD arrived at our headquarters, and I waited some spare time with anticipation to check it out and write about it. I wasn’t familiar with the artist, but this particular release drew my attention with the nearly abstract cover artwork. As far as I am informed, Emilie Zoé is a Swiss solo artist with an impressive discography. Since 2015, Emilie Zoé has released three albums, such as Dead End Tape, The Very Start, and Hello Future Me, and appeared on a soundtrack for Pigeons. Of course, the artist also published many singles along the way in order to properly promote all these full-length releases.

Hello Future Me – The Companion EP represents a logical extension/follow-up of the Hello Future Me. It’s a collection of five outstanding indie songs decorated with Emilie Zoé’s exceptional lyricism, exquisite musicianship, and mesmerizing vocal performance. Of course, you already know that indie is such a broad genre, and there are many directions this particular material could lead from scratch to finish. And that’s what this material is all about. Emilie Zoé incorporated everything you dearly love about indie pop, indie rock, alternative, grunge, emo, and other complementary music genres. Maybe you’ll find other styles roaming around because Emilie Zoé knows how to write and compose beautiful songs that usually levitate between many music genres. There are so many sonic delicacies included on each number that you’ll immediately fall in love with this material.

Of course, Hello Future Me – The Companion EP focuses on Zoe’s sincere, emotive, and confident vocal performance that will guide you through all these stories described in each composition. The artist invested so many brilliant chord progressions and riffs that are sometimes acoustic, sometimes heavily distorted, but always pleasant for listening apparatus. There are also cleverly arranged and implemented piano leads, which usually help these songs to shine brighter with a luxurious ambiance. Emilie Zoé excluded the rhythm section from a big portion of this material, but when the beat strike, it strikes hard. This wise move unquestionably helps out Hello Future Me – The Companion EP to range more in dynamics and leaves enough room for peaceful, calm, cathartic indie tunes to breathe. Emilie Zoé undoubtedly nailed Hello Future Me – The Companion, and you’ll love it if you give this record a chance. The EP is available on all streaming platforms. Don’t miss it!





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