Bella Technika - Solid State LP - PDV Records / Odličan Hrčak / Bravo Boys

Bella Technika – Solid State LP (PDV Records / Odličan Hrčak / Bravo Boys)

Bella Technika - Solid State LP - PDV Records / Odličan Hrčak / Bravo Boys

Here’s some electronic music for your listening pleasure. You probably remember Bella Technika and their critically acclaimed debut full-length release, Section. I had a chance to listen to and review that particular album almost four years ago. Considering I am familiar with the work of these experienced musicians back in the days when Darkwood Dub roamed the regional alternative scene, Section came as a bit of a pleasant surprise. Now they’re back with an equally astounding Solid State, which also came without warning and already gathered many positive critics from music experts and admirers of electronic music. And there’s really no wonder, considering the members of Bella Technika are responsible for some of the best pieces of the regional alternative music scene over more than three decades. I adore the visual aesthetics of Solid State. The cover artwork will be the first thing you notice once you grab this fine piece of sonic artistry. This visual identity will meet all your cravings for contemporary art and electronic music visual aesthetics. Still, you’ll also get the feeling these guys are into the Bauhaus movement as well. It’s artsy and modern, or should I say, it represents everything a contemporary electronic music artwork should represent. Maybe this release lacks inner art, but that became a standard for all electronic music releases long time ago.

Solid State proves that electronic music can still sound exciting, almost like when you heard it for the first time. Soundwise, this full-length appears as a natural progression or logical extension of the Section. However, it delivers more than you could ever ask from electronic music, and Bella Technika packed all of those surprises into these eight profoundly detailed compositions. Solid State feels like a more detailed/complex material with enormous servings of incredibly arranged melodies, harmonies, ambiances, basslines, beats, and other sonic maneuvers/acrobatics. Bella Technika even went that far with this album, so it bursts with all the significant eras for electronic music. You’ll notice those old-school, Kraftwerk-a-like sequences, then seventies and eighties synthwave-alike moments, the nineties electronic/dance/techno progressions, and contemporary house/EDM segments along the way. Still, that’s not all. Quite the contrary, Bella Technika even included those proggy seventies krautrock maneuvers and several decades of ambient music as more than necessary background support. Don’t even be remotely surprised if you hear some elements borrowed from regular, or should I say, analog music genres because these folks were genre-benders/sonic shapeshifters since day one, and they have those moments too. Therefore, besides the already mentioned krautrock, you might stumble upon psychedelia, reggae, dub, alternative, indie, and pop. Still, these are present in a very small quantities, and Bella Technica only incorporated particular aesthetics in order to enhance/improve primary modern electronic direction even more. Bella Technika ultimately nailed with Solid State, which, by all means, sounds exceptional, divine, and like something internationally recognized electronic music producers/bands/acts/DJs would record during their careers. Solid State is available on vinyl/digitally via PDV Records, Odličan Hrčak, and Bravo Boys.





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