Hush Bewlay - Bring It Down

Hush Bewlay – Bring It Down

Hush Bewlay - Bring It Down

After the critically acclaimed debut extended play release, I’m The Stranger Here Myself, Los Angeles-based artist Hush Bewlay returns with another fine piece of sonic artistry. Bring It Down is the latest single by this experienced dark wave artist, who shapeshifts boundaries and improves this particular genre with each new release. This single is an appropriate continuation of the mentioned EP, but it also delivers some innovations in terms of writing, composing, and producing. Perhaps Hush Bewlay almost solely relies upon the fundamentals of dark wave sound, but you’ll also stumble upon some of the finest properties borrowed from many complementary music genres. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you stumble upon elements of synth wave, new wave, goth rock, indie or alternative.

  • Hush Bewlay
  • Hush Bewlay
  • Hush Bewlay

As soon as you press play, you’ll immediately notice Hush Bewlay doesn’t joke around with his music. There are layers of sound skillfully stacked to satisfy even the pickiest fans of the genre. Bring It Down resonates with that familiar dark wave sound, but it also levitates toward the contemporary music scene. Hush Bewlays embraces the best of both worlds to achieve the desired sound and doesn’t hesitate to experiment with different and innovative instrumentations. You’ll instantly stumble upon Bewlay’s flawlessly performed vocal harmonies that perfectly suit all the synth leads, cathartic ambiances, warm-sounding basslines, and heavy beats. The artist keeps his verses detailed as possible, but this composition becomes even more complex once the catchy choruses commence. The entire Bring It Down resonates with a unique ambiance that will unquestionably appeal to even those listeners who’re not into dark wave sound. Hush Bewlay is a musical genius who surprises with each new material, so you need to check this single out as soon as possible. Bring It Down is available on all streaming platforms.





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