Premiere: The Clamor Shares Two New Singles “Nerve And Vein” & “She’s In Static”

The Clamor
Photo by Grace Kim

Punk outfit and brainchild of Aaron Louis, The Clamor, recently announced their upcoming self-titled album with the release of double singles “Cardiac Sountrack” and “Turing Toy”. Now, the group is back with their second set of double singles: “Nerve and Vein” and “She’s in Static” ahead of the LP release in March.

About the release, Louis says: 
“I have spent so many years working in other mediums, film, theater, fiction, and working in the art world, that I wanted to return to my roots, where I feel most at home being creative. That’s music. Like a lot of people, I had a pretty wrecked childhood and the only thing that kept me sane was being a part of the insane punk rock community around me, and listening to and making music and I miss it more and more as I get older.  The album is not me trying to recreate that atmosphere but a place to begin where I left off.  Even if that just means having fun – like not being too precious, finding ways to be vulnerable, and embracing the collision of styles, all of which I hope you feel in this album. I like this moment in my life and feel like this album was a way to create a sort of sonic snapshot of what I’ve been thinking about and what’s important to me. And thinking of how fast it goes. Like in Cardiac Soundtrack –  I wondered what it was that the great Joe Strummer might have been listening to when he had his heart attack.  “U-Roy? The Jay Tees?” What will I go out listening to? And what music can I leave behind?

I wrote all the music and brought the song demos to the producer, Omer Leibovitz, and he assembled a group of killer Brooklyn musicians (himself included), to get the full band sound that I wanted. And then he brought along the excellent engineer at Studio G, Jeff Berner, and with Alan Douches mastering I felt I couldn’t be in better hands. The album artwork was done by one of my favorite illustrators, Roxanna Bikadorroff. I first discovered her artwork on the cover of my favorite Flannery O’Connor books and I actually cold-called her and coaxed her out of “applied art” retirement with punk rock.” – Aaron Louis





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