Alex Berlin - Beat Confabulator (All Night On The Floor)

Alec Berlin – Beat Confabulator (All Night On The Floor)

Alex Berlin - Beat Confabulator (All Night On The Floor)

You recently had a chance to read about LaNoise, an ear-appealing composition by Brooklyn-based musician Alec Berlin. I was blown away by his ideas and musicianship, so if you’re into rock music performed in a fresh and unique way, you need to pay attention to this artist.

Alec Berlin recently released a full-length album called Beat Confabulator (All Night On The Floor), and I will focus on a title track today. Now, this is an entirely different story. This time, Berlin combines several complementary music genres to achieve the desired sound. Therefore, you’ll stumble upon the fundamentals and finest properties of progressive rock, art rock, glam rock, hard rock, space rock, and any other similar subgenre of rock. There’s no wonder why Alec has picked this particular composition as the opening track, considering the ideas he invested into it. Each sonic maneuver dictates the direction of the song, which by all means remains progressive, energetic, dynamic, luxurious, and entertaining. It’s one of those numbers you don’t expect at first, but then it strikes you hard with all the qualities.

  • Alec Berlin
  • Alec Berlin
  • Alec Berlin
  • Alec Berlin

Alec Berlin incorporated all the vital elements of the mentioned genres, but it seems like this song offers even more. You’ll be surprised once you hear all those ear-appealing chord progressions, heavy riffs, catchy guitar licks, progressive solos, enormously massive basslines, and energetic rhythmic sequences. Like the remainder of his new full-length material, Beat Confabulator(All Night On The Floor) is entirely instrumental, but you’ll immediately notice that this composition doesn’t need any vocal segments. It’s simultaneously detailed and easy listening, which is a difficult task to achieve. Thankfully, Alec Berlin is an experienced musician who knows how to bring the best of both worlds through his music. Also, Beat Confabulator (All Night On The Floor) will spark your interest in the remainder of the album, which sounds divine by all means. You can check out this single and the album by clicking HERE.





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