• Alec Berlin – Beat Confabulator (All Night On The Floor)

    Alec Berlin – Beat Confabulator (All Night On The Floor)

    You recently had a chance to read about LaNoise, an ear-appealing composition by Brooklyn-based musician Alec Berlin. I was blown away by his ideas and musicianship, so if you’re into rock music performed in a fresh and unique way, you need to pay attention to this artist. Alec Berlin recently released a full-length album called…

  • Alec Berlin – LaNoise

    Alec Berlin – LaNoise

    Brooklyn-based artist Alec Berlin recently released LaNoise, an ear-appealing composition that will unquestionably appeal to all the fans of a blues sound. The number comes from a seven-track extended play release of the same name. Perhaps Alec Berlin explores the fundamentals of blues, but you’ll undoubtedly notice other genres lurking around in the mix. The…