Vacum - Pang du är d​ö​d 7" - Massproduktion

Vacum – Pang du är d​ö​d 7″ (Massproduktion)

Vacum - Pang du är d​ö​d 7" - Massproduktion

We have a special treat for those readers who’re into old-school punk rock music. Those profoundly into the genre probably heard of Vacum, a Swedish post-punk band that was one of the first bands signed to Massproduktion, a longevous record label specializing in anything punk rock and beyond. From 1979 to 1981, they recorded three full-lengths, R​ä​dd f​ö​r tystnaden, Den sista vintern, and Flugor och rosor. They also published four singles, The Hollow Men, Maskerad, Vem lyder, Dagar i morgon, a self-titled EP, and K​ä​rlekens kleptomaner EP. Then the band went on a decades-long hiatus until 2019 when they unleashed singles called Pang – du är d​ö​d and Survivors. After that, the band published their fourth full-length album Korst​å​g. As you can see, Vacum was profoundly active as much as possible during their formative years and comeback period, and now Massproduktion announces a series of reissues.

I will talk about Pang – du är d​ö​d, their single recorded in 2019, which was also one of their most successful works. This particular track was a standalone single back then, but now it’s accompanied by Jag vill inte se dig da, another superb song recorded in 2014. As far as I am informed, this is the first time these tracks appear on a physical release. Massproduktion decided that material would best fit on a transparent 7″ record, accompanied by appropriate visual identity. I must admit that the entire release looks divine. It combines old-school with contemporary punk rock aesthetics, and the visual appearance unquestionably enhances this material on an entirely new level.

This excellent 7″ commences with Pang – du är d​ö​d, a brass section-powered punk rock song, which unquestionably levitates between the eighties and modern punk rock. There is a subtle touch of eighties post-punk showcased through reverby arpeggiated chord progressions. You’ll notice how these chord progressions perfectly match the vividly hearable, warm-sounding basslines. The rhythm section keeps it as energetic as possible through moderate beats. However, this song quickly transits into a cheerful, powerful, anthemic chorus empowered with generous servings of distortion and continuous splashing over the cymbals. The drummer keeps at the same pace from scratch to finish, except on a particular segment before the last chorus when the entire group sounds even more technical, progressive, and complex. With the ideas and musicianship skillfully assembled into a catchy song, there’s no wonder why Pang – du är d​ö​d is one of their most popular numbers on Spotify.

Jag vill inte se dig da decorates the other side of this exceptional 7″ record. This composition leans much more toward eighties post-punk than Pang – du är d​ö​d. However, you’ll notice how some of the finest properties of classic punk rock eventually ended up as a part of this ear-appealing song. Some readers might notice similarities with goth rock, and they wouldn’t be far from the truth. There are some sonic ingredients that resemble something renowned goth rock bands would record back in the day. The band invested many good ideas while assembling Jag vill inte se dig da, so you will have a good time listening to it. The initial lead melody, vocal harmonies, palm-muted riffs, and equally hearable low-end tones perfectly match the tempo directed by the flawlessly performed rhythmic sequences. I adore how this song resonates with that old-school European punk rock vibes rarely heard among similar bands nowadays. Vacum somehow maintained that particular sound where you can say without hesitation, this is pure punk rock.

Vacum are the true pioneers and a very influental band, so Pang – du är d​ö​d 7″ is a must for anyone who wants to possess a piece of Swedish punk rock history. This particular 7″ is a perfect starter kit for anyone who wants to delve deeper into their discography. Head to Massproduktion for more information about ordering.





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