The Transits

The Transits Drop Video For “When You Went Away”

The Transits

Aotearoa New Zealand-South Africa band The Transits have today released their invigorating new single + video ‘When You Went Away’.

Comprising of Ryan Lunn (vocals, guitars, synths), Dom Antelme (vocals, bass) and Tyrone Smith (drums), this catchy new single pulls you in with its rock-infused punk, indie and synth-pop sound, tight performances and slick production.

The trio have been making music together on and off since forming their first band 30 years ago as teenagers in Durban, South Africa. “We’ve been close friends for even longer than that,” says Dom, “it’s like family.” They would practice before, after and even during school, finding inspiration in guitar-heavy pop outfits like Weezer and The Pixies. 

Since that first band, each member has gone on to experience careers that have included label signings, live, chart, radio and award success. The decision to get the band back together came about during the pandemic, when they started to write and record together, regardless of being in different countries. Ryan contributed his parts in Durban, South Africa and Dom and Tyrone from Auckland, New Zealand. The band says the timing feels serendipitous, with bands such as Blink-182 announcing the reunion of their original lineup and a resurgence of the punk rock sound. The Transits time is definitely now and deliver it with a new twist! 

Being released alongside the single is a stunning video directed by award-winning director Ian Sweeney and produced through Fish n Clips. “The video is a love story that defies death,” explains Dom. “‘When You Went Away’ is about separation and the complex emotions that we all feel when someone leaves, but the vibe of the track is almost a juxtaposition to the subject matter in that it’s got a catchy head-bopping feel to it with some nostalgic 80’s synths, so we wanted to create a video that would heighten the lyrics and feelings expressedIt sees two dead bodies in a morgue come back to life for one last dance. A big shout out to our dancers who kept going despite multiple bumps and scrapes!”





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