Drew Thomas - Ivory White

Drew Thomas – Ivory White

Drew Thomas - Ivory White

After so many exceptional singles and EP releases, London-based artist Drew Thomas returns with another outstanding composition, available on all streaming services today. Ivory White is unquestionably one of those songs that will appeal to the fans of indie music. However, some other music genres are lurking around. You’ll notice some of the finest properties of Brit-pop and indie pop, but Drew Thomas also incorporated some vital elements of alternative and soft rock. Still, it’s nearly mindblowing how this song bursts with a calm, soothing, relaxing ambiance that provides a cathartic listening experience. Therefore, there’s no doubt this track will instantly end up on your indie playlist.

  • Drew Thomas
  • Drew Thomas

Drew Thomas thought about everything while writing, composing, recording, and producing Ivory White. You’ll immediately notice a perfect song structure based upon thoughtfully arranged segments, which flawlessly suit each together. The song commences with a beautiful piano lead that introduces Drew‘s outstanding vocal abilities. The vocal performance is a centerpiece of this number, but you’ll also hear mesmerizing chord progressions, basslines, melodies, harmonies, ambiances, and rhythmic sequences in the background. Each sonic ingredient perfectly fits into this fine piece of sonic artistry that demands your utmost attention. Ivory White is available on all streaming services. Don’t miss it.





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