Time X Heist - The Odds Against Time CS EP

Time X Heist – The Odds Against Tomorrow CS EP

Time X Heist - The Odds Against Time CS EP

Wow! It’s been a while since I listened to a hardcore band as good as Time X Heist. Their version of youth crew hardcore is something you surely don’t want to miss if you’re a fan of the genre. For those unfamiliar with this exceptional band, Time X Heist is a Denver-based straight-edge hardcore crew, and The Odds Against Tomorrow is their debut cassette EP. Before I delve deep into this material, I must mention that the cover artwork for digital and cassette version differ. The digital version includes a golden/yellow colored photo of a heist, while the cassette carries a super rad illustration of a bear holding a hockey blade. The tape version wins in my book, and you should support the band by purchasing the physical copy.

The Odds Against Tomorrow consists of six in-your-face straight edge hardcore compositions. Believe me, these guys are not joking around with their music. As soon as you put this tape in your deck, you’ll be blown away by the speed and power bursting from every track. Time X Heist could easily pair those renowned youth crew bands, and they implemented many exceptional ideas into these songs that maybe sound even better than all those well-known youth crew anthems. I know many of our readers like comparisons with other acts, so Time X Heist comes close to something Floorpunch, Shutdown, Battery, Mainstrike, and Change would eventually record. However, The Odds Against Tomorrow sounds so fresh and unique, and it is probably one of the best youth crew hardcore tapes you’ll hear this year.

Of course, this EP wouldn’t sound so good without some classic sonic maneuvers that are maybe predictable sometimes, but that’s the whole point of this genre. Those orchestrations define the genre, and Time X Heist unquestionably wanted to create modern straight-edge hardcore material. Still, you’ll be blown away by the aggression, speed, and power these guys burst with during every track. I adore how each song comes with a comprehensive collection of cleverly assembled riffs, equally complex basslines, and mindblowing rhythmic sequences. The vocals are right up my alley as well, and this is how every sXe hardcore vocalist should sound in my book. Of course, you’ll stumble upon many singalongs applied in all the right places during these songs. Each band member gave 100% while recording this material, and you’ll undoubtedly hear it. Therefore, do yourself a favor and check out Time X Heist. You won’t be disappointed. Contact the band for more information about ordering The Odds Against Tomorrow on tape, or check out the digital version via Bandcamp.





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