Betageist - Together

Betageist – Together

Betageist - Together

It has been a while since we had some post-rock music on our pages, so now is more than an appropriate time to introduce Together, one of the latest singles by Betageist. Together comes from Betageist‘s upcoming album, due for release on May 26th this year. Soundwise, the composition explores the fundamentals of post-rock but with more electronic music elements included in the entire writing and composing process. Therefore, you’ll discover some of the finest ingredients borrowed from complementary music genres such as progressive rock, psychedelic rock, alternative, and indie, but don’t be surprised if you stumble upon ambient, cinematic, leftfield, chillout, and downtempo elements. It’s one of those post-rock tracks you’ll need to hear several times to comprehend everything this creative artist invested into it.


Together carries many multilayered segments where each separate layer includes many profoundly complex leads, themes, melodies, harmonies, and ambiances. It’s nearly mindblowing how a singular eight-minute composition could sound like a comprehensive collection of unique audio stories. You’ll unquestionably enjoy each segment of Together, mainly because Betagiest thoroughly planned each sonic maneuver to the max. The downtempo rhythmic sequences perfectly match subtle, warm-sounding basslines, while the slow-paced, but ultimately progressive guitar leads shape the ear-appealing atmosphere. You’ll also hear jaw-dropping piano melodies and chord progressions combined with organic and electro-synth ambiances that flawlessly suit the remainder of the orchestrations included within this song. Together has that ear-appealing, beautiful, catchy cinematic ambiance that goes hand-in-hand with progressive and psychedelic orchestrations. Betageist undoubtedly invested so much time and ideas into Together, and the effort paid off in a mind-blowing composition. The single is available on all streaming platforms.






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