Like Elephants - Oneironaut LP - Noise Appeal Records

Like Elephants – Oneironaut LP (Noise Appeal Records)

Like Elephants - Oneironaut LP - Noise Appeal Records

Yesterday I wrote a review about Home, a debut extended play by the Austrian dream pop group Like Elephants. It’s their debut EP released in 2015 via Noise Appeal Records, a prolific, genre-bending record label almost solely focused on Austrian bands and artists. Therefore, it’s time for coverage of Oneironaut, their debut full-length album released by the same record label in 2016. Of course, the group has several more albums, one more EP, and many singles, and they’re still active today. One thing is for sure. You will need to check out this band if you love cathartic dream pop sound, decorated with exceptional ideas and musicianship.

These guys sounded divine since their beginnings. Home EP is such a perfect overture into their luxurious sound, but it seems these folks uplifted everything on an entirely new level with Oneironaut LP. The album carries eleven marvelous compositions suitable for any mood, situation, or occasion. You’ll instantly fall in love with their music even if you’re not a fan of dream-pop music because some other music genres serve as enhancements, accentuations, and decorations that improve an already cathartic ambiance. Besides the sheer dominance of dream pop, you’ll notice how indie pop, indie rock, and alternative inspired these guys to assemble such a divine full-length. Still, don’t be surprised if you stumble upon other music genres that are also showing up as decorations here and there.

You’ll notice some similarities with bands such as Turnover, Citizen, The Cure, or maybe Slowdive, but thankfully, these guys excluded those big portions of reverb, echo, and delay. Like I said in a previous review about these folks, they use these crucial effects moderately and precisely, so you can hear all those beautiful chord progressions, warm-sounding basslines, groovy beats, and calm vocal harmonies. Bands capable of doing such things nowadays, without spoiling their ideas and musicianship with heavy amounts of effects, are considered a rarity, so Like Elephants do it with so much style. The band fully packed each number with many excellent leads, catchy chord progressions, melodies, vocal harmonies, ambiances, and rhythmic structures worth listening to many times. Oneironaut is a masterpiece in terms of dream-pop music, so you should check out this gem as soon as possible. The vinyl record is available via the Noise Appeal web store as part of the Like Elephants bundle. Don’t miss it because this release looks good as it sounds.





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