Scarlet Mill – Sinking Man

Scarlet Mill - Sinking Man

Amsterdam-based alternative rock band Scarlet Mill recently released a new single called Sinking Man. It’s the sixth composition in a row from a series of singles launched in 2021 and their first track this year. Scarlet Mill continues to amaze with another calm, soothing, relaxing, nearly cathartic downtempo song that resembles the ambiance of their previous works. The band nurtures aesthetics based upon delicate, divine, ear-appealing chord progressions, psychedelic leads/melodies, and half-step rhythmic sequences. Perhaps their composition comes as an alternative rock ballad, but you’ll immediately notice some similarities with psychedelic, blues, indie, and soft rock. Even the ambiance continuously levitates between the mid-seventies psych-rock, eighties indie, and nineties blues/alternative rock. Those profoundly into writing and composing music know that’s a difficult task to achieve, so Scarlet Mill nailed it with the Sinking Man.

Sinking Man proves Scarlet Mill can transform from classic alternative rock into psychedelic, progressive blues rock band in a matter of seconds. The orchestrations provided by these exceptional musicians are the main reason why that’s the case. The way how piano leads articulate with divine chord progressions and perfectly sung vocal harmonies will force you to place this track among your favorites. Because of its half-time tempo, Skinking Man can serve as a classic alter-blues rock song or a ballad, depending on your mood. I listed just a couple of reasons why you should check out this excellent song, and there are many other sonic surprises ready to be discovered along the way. Sinking Man is available on all streaming platforms.





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