Izzie Derry - I Don't Know Why

Izzie Derry – I Don’t Know Why

Izzie Derry - I Don't Know Why
Photo by Simon Derry

After the series of singles such as Lost At Sea, Let This One Be Mine, In A Year, Learn To Grow, Fire, and Take It From Me, Brighton-based singer/songwriter Izzie Derry returns with another exceptional composition. I Don’t Know Why is the first single this year, and an appropriate continuation of her previous works. It’s also a debut single from a highly anticipated full-length album. Soundwise, I Don’t Know Why will unquestionably appeal to all the fans of alt-folk music. However, you’ll notice how other complementary music genres like soft rock, indie rock, and indie pop inspired this profoundly talented artist to assemble such a divine number. It’s also mindblowing how all these elements work together harmoniously without spoiling the primary sonic direction.

Izzie Derry
Photo by Simon Derry

I Don’t Know Why commences with subtle, palm-muted chord progressions and Izzie Derry‘s exceptional vocal performance. As is usually the case with alt-folk songs, her powerful voice is a centerpiece of this track, but the way she articulates with these orchestrations is beyond comprehension. Izzie cleverly arranged the entire composition, so you’ll notice many segments decorated with catchy accentuations, sonic maneuvers, and surprises that make this song even more divine. Perhaps the verses are calm and minimalistic but wait until the chorus, and you’ll experience the sheer complexity, dynamics, energy, and cathartic ambiance, empowered by the half-time rhythmic sequences. It’s an incredible number worth listening to repetitiously, and there’s no doubt this alt-rock gem will end up on many Spotify playlists. I Don’t Know Why is available on all streaming platforms. Don’t miss it!





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