Gary Dranow - Something About You

Gary Dranow – Something About You

Gary Dranow - Something About You

Park City-based musician Gary Dranow and his band recently released a new single called Something About You. It’s the fifth composition from a series of singles launched in 2022 and the first track in 2023. Something About You is a love song about a desperate man who finally meets the woman of his dreams. Soon, he realizes she’s a special one, and together, they enjoy the rest of their lives. Soundwise, Gary Dranow explores many subgenres of rock music, such as classic rock, rock ‘n’ roll, alternative, and indie rock. It’s nearly mindblowing how this composition bursts with the ambiance usually hearable in mid-seventies to mid-eighties rock tracks. Still, you’ll notice some similarities with the nineties alternative rock scene. Some readers might find this as too many music genres piled into one song, but Gary Dranow thoughtfully planned everything so Something About You resonates with such a divine ambiance.

Gary Dranow Band
Liz Dranow Photography

Something About You has a cleverly arranged structure empowered by ear-appealing chord progressions, profoundly detailed low-end tones, and moderate rhythmic sequences. It’s vividly hearable how much classic rock inspired Gary Dranow to write such a meaningful, powerful song, but you’ll also hear subtle touches of slide guitar on the particular segments and guitar solos. Of course, this is one of the finest properties of surf rock music, but this wise move doesn’t spoil the primary direction. Dranow’s exceptional vocal performance enhances the mentioned orchestrations on an entirely new level, and his soulful and confident singing gives more depth to Something About You. Every member of his band provided an outstanding performance, and you’ll hear how each instrument plays a significant role in shaping the ambiance. Something About You is a classic rock song you need to hear to comprehend its brilliance. The track is available on all streaming platforms. Don’t miss it.





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