Sarpa Salpa - She Never Lies

Sarpa Salpa – She Never Lies

Sarpa Salpa - She Never Lies

After Somebody and Dreaming, two ear-appealing singles released last year, Northampton-based hit makers Sarpa Salpa return with the first single in 2023. Like their previous works, She Never Lies delivers everything you ever needed from indie music. However, these skillful, creative, experienced musicians stacked this beautiful composition with many surprises that will appeal to your listening apparatus even if you’re not a fan of indie music. Besides the sheer dominance of indie, Sarpa Salpa included some of the finest properties of indie pop, synth pop, soft rock, and alternative. With sonic ingredients like that, there’s no wonder why She Never Lies resonates in such a beautiful way.

Catchy synth leads are one of the heaviest weapons in the Sarpa Salpa‘s arsenal. You’ll immediately notice that after the overture, achieved by putting fade in effect on a chorus. However, the band calms down and incorporates the same synth theme, performed in a lower octave. Other instruments like bass, guitar, and drums are involved in the mix, so everything sounds catchy and dynamic. Still, Sarpa Salpa bursts with sheer power once the chorus commences, where the initial synth theme perfectly matches with flawlessly performed vocal harmonies. Each layer of orchestration plays a significant role in shaping a divine synth pop ambiance that will immediately force you to repeat this track. She Never Lies is the first single from Sarpa Salpa’s debut album, set to be released in Autumn 2023. It’s one of those songs that will instantly catch your attention, and there’s no doubt She Never Lies will end up on your indie playlist. The single is available on all streaming platforms.





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