Bongzinner - Krause EP CS - Keep It A Secret Records

Borgzinner – Krause EP CS (Keep It A Secret Records)

Bongzinner - Krause EP CS - Keep It A Secret Records

I guess this is the only cassette release from a recent batch provided by Keep It A Secret Records, but it’s an incredible one. Krause is a debut EP by Borgzinner, a German melodic punk rock group that previously performed as La Familia. Perhaps this is their first recording, but don’t let that piece of information fool you. These guys have years of experience on their backs, and that’s more than hearable in their music. As soon as you press play on your cassette deck or walkman, you’ll notice Borgzinner is not joking around. It’s also good to mention that this cassette comes with a catchy O-card cover printed with gold ink on black cardboard. It looks very effective, and there’s no doubt this tape will grab your attention.

Krause EP carries five excellent melodic punk rock songs suitable for both fans of contemporary and old-school sound. Borgzinner may sound like a classic modern punk rock group, but their music carries some of the finest properties of skatepunk, melodic hardcore, hardcore punk, and ska. These guys handle all these subgenres pretty damn well, and you’ll notice how each composition comes with a perfect structure decorated with energetic verses, uplifting pre-choruses, and catchy choruses. It’s also neat how they transit from those profoundly dynamic punk rock segments to modern ska moments without removing a thick layer of crunchy distortion. You’ll also notice how every upcoming track becomes even faster, with more ska segments included, but everything sounds perfect, well-controlled, and balanced.

There’s no doubt you’ll immediately fall in love with their powerful guitar shreds, ska chops, warm-sounding basslines, enormously dynamic rhythmic maneuvers, and distorted vocal harmonies. Still, the thing that will mostly draw you to this release is hypnotic, relentless, uncompromising aggression and energy. Maybe this material would not appeal to those punk rockers who get used to hearing some anthemic pop-punk hooks, but if you’re looking for ultrafast skate punk decorated with exceptional musicianship, Krause EP will be right up your alley. You can grab this limited edition cassette via Keep It A Secret Records. Don’t miss it!





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