The Drowns / Plizzken - Split 7" - Pirates Press Records

The Drowns / Plizzken – Split 7″ (Pirates Press Records)

The Drowns / Plizzken - Split 7" - Pirates Press Records

Pirates Press Records started this year with a bang by announcing a surprise split release between The Drowns and Plizzken. Those into streetpunk, punk rock, and rock’n’roll sound are probably familiar with both bands. These folks are pretty much active on so many levels, and you can always expect great news from their headquarters. However, if you’re stumbling upon these bands for the first time, The Drowns are a rock’n’roll-infused punk rock group from Seattle, Washington. The band continuously tours the states and Europe, and so far, they have released a few full-lengths like View From The Bottom and Under Tension, and many singles and EPs such as Demons, The Sound, Hold Fast/Demons, Wolves On The Throne, Black Lung, Lunatics, and Know Who You Are. Plizzken is a German streetpunk group led by Sebi Stomper of Stomper 98. So far, the band has released a Dear All Happy 7″ and …And Their Paradise Is Full Of Snakes LP.

This 7″ split commences with The Drowns. The Lost Boys Of Suburbia is a perfect mixture of action rock, rock’n’roll, and punk rock. Honestly, no one plays this style better than these guys. Somehow they managed to convey that rawness, aggression, and power of those late sixties and early seventies rock bands, but with a touch of punk rock added in the mix. Every band member plays a significant role in shaping this ear-appealing sound, and you’ll be ultimately blown away by catchy chord progressions, powerful riffs, warm-sounding basslines, energetic rhythmic sequences, and vocal harmonies. The Drowns proved they’re not joking around with their sound, and The Lost Boys Of Suburbia is rock-solid proof of their dedication and effort. If you’re into action rock, garage rock, or classic punk rock, The Drowns will be right up your alley.

One More Time by Plizzken decorates the other side of this fine piece of plastic. Their powerful streetpunk sound carries so many qualities that is nearly impossible to grasp them all in one listening. These guys pay homage to some classic, old-school sound, but on the other hand, they also explore some modern sonic aesthetics hearable through skillfully implemented ideas and musicianship. One More Time carries excellent melodies, palm-muted riffs, and moderate beats. Of course, you’ll immediately recognize Sebi Stomper’s vocal performance, but let’s not forget the back vocals and singalongs that uplift this track even more. Plizzken are pros in writing and composing anthemic punk rock songs, so I can already see One More Time as a crowd favorite at the gigs. This track will unquestionably appeal to your listening apparatus if you’re into British or European street punk music.

This split 7″ comes on an ox-blood vinyl variant decorated with an old-school tattoo artwork of an eagle fighting a serpent, so not only this record sounds good, but it looks divine too. It’s limited to 500 copies, so act fast. Head to Pirates Press Records to order this gem.





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