Brannon - Heartbreak Is Misery

Brannon – Heartbreak Is Misery

Brannon - Heartbreak Is Misery

After four acoustic rock and two collaborative hip-hop full-length albums, Los Angeles-based songwriter Brannon returns with a highly anticipated rock album, due for release on February 3, 2023. Like his previous recordings, Heartbreak Is Misery bursts with brilliant ideas and exceptional musicianship, so this full-length album will appeal to those listeners who appreciate quality classic rock music. The artist heavily promotes this material on the web and social media with four excellent compositions, Without You I’d Die, Bad Love, All I See, and Life On Mars. These numbers are perfect examples of what you might expect from the rest of the album, and you’ll be surprised how many rock hits Heartbreak Is Misery includes once you hear the entire record.

Heartbreak Is Misery consists of fourteen powerful rock songs empowered by catchy themes, ear-appealing melodies, flawlessly performed vocal harmonies, energetic solos, powerful riffs, divine chord progressions, warm-sounding basslines, and profoundly dynamic rhythmic segments. Brannon recorded all the instrumentations and produced this material to perfection, so you’ll hear even the tiniest bits of this album. Every song included on this material sounds like an instant radio hit that could easily top the charts. Brannon thoroughly planned every sonic maneuver, and it’s nearly mindblowing how these songs resonate with so much power but also carry a dosage of calm, soothing, and cathartic ambiance. Heartbreak Is Misery mainly explores love and relationships, and Brannon empowered each song with excellent, detailed, poetic lyricism.

The album continuously levitates between energetic tracks and ear-appealing ballads, so the entire Heartbreak Is Misery is perfectly balanced. It’s also interesting how Brannon explores almost all eras of rock music. You’ll notice how some numbers resonate with eighties glam rock ambiance, while the other explore more of an eighties and nineties hard rock. Still, some tracks burst with sonic maneuvers stacked with the finest properties of modern rock music. As I mentioned before, Brannon previously recorded two hip-hop albums, so he included some hip-hop on Heartbreak Is Misery as well. It’s a nice touch that gives a bit of diversity to this material and perfectly matches the dominant hard-rock atmosphere. Heartbreak Is Misery is a must have album for those listeners who appreciate catchy, cleverly written/composed/produced rock songs empowered with exceptional lyricism. The album is due for release on February 3, 2023. You can pre-order it HERE.





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