Phal:Angst Shares Lustmord's Remix Of "Unhinged"

Premiere: Phal:Angst Shares Lustmord’s Remix Of “Unhinged”

Phal:Angst Shares Lustmord's Remix Of "Unhinged"
Photo by Kurt Prinz

PHAL:ANGST have asked Welsh musician Brian Williams aka LUSTMORD for a remix to go with their new album ‘Whiteout’.

For ‘Angst’, who contributes to the electronic side of PHAL:ANGST, especially Williams’ early work, most of all ‘Psychological Warfare Technology Systems’ by TERROR AGAINST TERROR (Brian Williams & Andrew Lagowski) were an introduction to the world of industrial and electronic music in general. ‘Being a former bass player in Punk bands it helped me transcend the barrier between Punk and Electronics which was still seen as natural in the 1990ies’, says ‘Angst’.

Williams’ Remix of ‘Unhinged’ is another example of his exceptional feel for sombre soundscapes. ‘Unhinged’ was not just remixed by him, he created an almost independent piece instead. New beats, a new bass line and Lustmord’s signature dronescapes are the ingredients of this demure Dub track. This is why he eventually decided to call it ‘version’: ‘I don’t consider my interpretation as a “remix” in the accepted sense as 90% of the original sound and structure was replaced. I think of it more as a version, both in the dictionary sense of the word and as a nod to the early reggae B Side “version”, from which dub was born.’

With their new album ‘Whiteout’ PHAL:ANGST thus continue their tradition of adding remixed versions to their albums. Internationally renowned artists like JUSTIN K. BROADRICK (GODFLESH, JESU, JK FLESH, TECHNO ANIMAL, ZONAL), ELECTRIC INDIGO, DÄLEK, CHRA oder JARBOE (SWANS) have already remixed Phal:Angst.

Phal:Angst · Unhinged (Lustmord Version)





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