Omni Selassi - Dance Or Dye - A Tree In A Field Records

Omni Selassi – Dance Or Dye (A Tree In A Field Records)

Omni Selassi - Dance Or Dye - A Tree In A Field Records

We had a few experimental recordings featured on our pages in the last couple of months. The fun thing about experimental and avant-garde music is the surprise factor. You never know what’s coming up next, and that makes these particular music genres so interesting. That’s the case with Dance Or Dye, one of the latest recordings by Omni Selassi. For those stumbling upon this band for the first time, Omni Selassi is an experimental trio from Bern, Switzerland. They released a decent number of records in less than four years, such as Ex Voto, Sylvester Stylonce, Cashew Carry, Frenchsong, Horses They Run Too, and What We Talk About: Omni Selassi.

Omni Selassi keep their activities as prolific as possible, and if you pay close attention to their sound, you’ll notice the mindblowing amount of ideas invested into every composition. Only a few artists on the contemporary music scene are capable of stacking many layers of various melodies, orchestrations, loops, samples, and noises without sounding chaotic. Omni Selassi somehow managed that, and you’ll unquestionably notice it once you dive deep into Dance Or Dye. This material is suitable for any mood, but it will mostly appeal to those listeners interested in dark, weird, ambient, experimental music. Of course, that doesn’t mean Omni Selassi are not into danceable, cheerful, dynamic stuff. They play around with all the possibilities and apply them to their likening in the best possible way.

Perhaps Omni Selassi dominantly levitate towards experimental and avant-garde music genres, but there are some other genres lurking around. You’ll notice some of the finest properties of glitch, industrial, noise, trip-hop, lo-fi, and drone, but don’t be surprised if you stumble upon some more of it along the way. However, these additional elements serve more as accentuations, enhancements, and decorations rather than a primary sonic direction. You’ll undoubtedly spot them on your radar, but they’re not overwhelming or spoiling the experimental side of Omni Selassi. Every composition delivers a set of cleverly assembled segments that will suit your listening apparatus and tickle your interest to dig deep into their remaining discography. You can check out Dance Or Dye on your favorite streaming service, but the album is also available on vinyl via A Tree In A Field Records.





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