Dear Amber - Roadkill

Dear Amber – Roadkill

Dear Amber - Roadkill

After the critically acclaimed debut EP release, Sparks Equals Fall, Copenhagen-based alternative rock quartet Dear Amber returns with a brand new extended play material, which will hit the streets in early 2023. Roadkill is a debut single from the highly anticipated Echoes EP that represents an appropriate continuation of their previous works. However, this introductory composition indicates some innovations in sound. Right with the initial notes and beats, you’ll notice that Dear Amber invested nothing but brilliant ideas and exceptional musicianship. The amount of effort spent on writing, composing, and assembling such an incredible contemporary alternative rock song is rarely seen nowadays, and Roadkill unquestionably stands out from the crowd with its quality.

Dear Amber

Still, Roadkills isn’t just another alternative rock track you stumble upon on streaming services every day. There’s undoubtedly more than meets the eye, and Dear Amber fully stacked this track with some other elements borrowed from the complementary music genres. You’ll notice sonic ingredients similar to those you could hear in post-rock and indie-rock tracks, but don’t be surprised if you hear other music genres as well. Roadkill showcases a divine ambiance achieved by cleverly assembled themes, melodies, catchy chord progressions, and heavy riffs. The band placed a thick layer of studio reverb for that massive echo feel that gives even more depth to these sonic maneuvers.

Dear Amber

Of course, equally complex basslines lurk right beneath those guitar layers, and these low-end tones define the heaviness, aggression, and massiveness even more. Nothing would sound so energetic without profoundly dynamic rhythmic sequences decorated by various accentuations, enhancements, fills, and other percussive acrobatics. The lead vocal performance perfectly matches all these orchestrations, and these harmonies come as a cherry on top, which enhance the cathartic listening experience even more. Dear Amber entirely nailed with this track, and you must listen to it to comprehend the sheer brilliance of this band. Roadkill is available for on all streaming platforms.





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