Premiere: Phal:Angst Shares Jarboe’s Remix Of “A Tale Of Severance”

Photo by Kurt Prinz

US legend JARBOE has contributed a remix for the upcoming PHAL:ANGST album ‘Whiteout’, turning PHAL:ANGST’s original ‘Severance’ into ‘A Tale Of Severance’. Although this remix is remarkably close to the original, it also exhibits remarkably idiosyncratic elements, i.e. the sound of a wrily grinding gothic organ played by JARBOE herself. The sound mix has been remade completely, ditching the original electronic vibe in favour of a more death countriesque atmosphere featuring guitar and said organ.

Pre-order “Whiteout” HERE

PHAL:ANGST’s vision is to have their songs remixed by legendary artists who have inspired them. These remixes were made by JUSTIN K. BROADRICK (GODFLESH, JESU) and DÄLEK for the previous album, this time the band’s dream was made real by JARBOE.

As a member of genre-defining SWANS she and MICHAEL GIRA explored experimental and innovative post-rock and hard, analog industrial as well as hypnotic, repetitive percussion in rock music since 1985. In 2003 her collaboration with post-rock/metal legends NEUROSIS resulted for PHAL:ANGST in one of the albums of the century.

Her own solo work may be a bit underestimated by some, but since the 90ies she has had an astonishing output of albums, EPs, collabos, soundtracks and remixes. Her style is incredibly accomplished and versatile, but always resounding with that very special ghostly JARBOE vibe, which she has also imprinted on ‘ A Tale Of Severance’ in a masterly fashion.

Phal:Angst · A Tale of Severance (Jarboe Remix)





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