FAIM Announce Your Life And Nothing Else LP; Share New Track “Silver Spoon”


FAIM have announced a new LP titled “Your Life and Nothing Else” for Safe Inside Records and have shared a track.

For Denver’s FAIM, hardcore is not just music – it’s the jumping off point for critique, growth, and catharsis. The background to this is music that can be fast and aggressive with biting commentary or slow, introspective and melodic – incorporating the best parts from early 00’s hardcore, crust, and post-hardcore.

Since forming in 2017, FAIM has released a s/t 7” on Convulse Records, a split 7” with DISCOURAGE and LIFT, and their debut full length, “Hollow Hope,” on Safe Inside Records. FAIM has done multiple US tours and a European tour, sharing the stage with HAVE HEART, MODERN LIFE IS WAR, CEREMONY, and JUDGE. FAIM will be releasing their next full length, “Your Life and Nothing Else,” in 2023 on Safe Inside Records and will be touring the United States and Europe. It will be their last record.The band has a show in Denver this weekend and tour dates planned for the Pacific Northwest in January.

“Your Life and Nothing Else”, the second full length record from Denver’s FAIM, sees the band develop into a dynamic blend of hardcore, post-hardcore, screamo, and even at times – shoegaze. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by JACK SHIRLEY (Deafheaven, Oathbreaker), This record delivers some of FAIM’s most aggressive, heavy, and stinging criticisms while at the same time, showcases them at their most melodic, slow, and vulnerable. Combined, YL&NE creates a sense of tension – the kind you feel before breaking down or reaching some epiphany or clarification – that takes you through ups and down and maintains for 22 minutes. 

Chris Cee · Faim – Silver Spoon





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