In Search Of Solace

In Search Of Solace Released New Album

In Search Of Solace

Metalcore band In Search Of Solace released their sophomore album, The Endless Ache. After experiencing the rush of their cinematic music videos “Oathbreaker” and “Death Follows Me”, join the band in their journey through The Endless Ache available now on all streaming platforms.

“Creating “The Endless Ache” started unlike any other body of music for us. First and foremost we approached it with the live show in mind. We asked ourselves what the best parts of playing in this band are and hands down they are the experiences that we have on tour playing shows. Seeing the crowd interact with us by dancing, jumping, and moshing hypes us up like nothing else. 

So with that in mind we attempted to write songs that would translate to the stage. We took the parts that we felt worked best and tried to expand on them and come up with unique ways to make our songs fun. We loved working on this record and it was a long process with the pandemic and delays. We are very excited to present “The Endless Ache” – Nick Pocock

Born and bred in the cold Midwest, the band is based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. After accomplishments such as playing the legendary First Avenue and headlining packed hometown shows, the group went on to tour internationally. Extensive DIY and support tours ensued including opening for Of Virtue, Earth Groans, and more. Returning from the road, the musicians took the energy from the stage to the studio and dove into writing and recording what would become The Endless Ache.





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