Lewis Knaggs

Lewis Knaggs – Feel Forever

Lewis Knaggs

After a series of singles launched in 2019 and a couple of EP releases such as Dreaming When You’re Gone and The Acoustic Sessions Vol. 1, London-based indie artist Lewis Knaggs returns with another exceptional composition. Feel Forever is a eulogy and a dedication to a best friend who passed away two years ago. Lewis Knaggs decided to write/compose this number after attending a friend’s funeral, and you’ll immediately notice a sincere and emotional performance provided by an artist. You’ll instantly hear confidence and power in Knagg‘s vocal performance, empowered by a profoundly detailed sonic background. It’s a complex indie song enhanced by perfect melodies, harmonies, catchy chord progressions, and energetic rhythmic sequences.

At first glance, Lewis Knaggs almost solely relies upon the fundamentals of indie rock music. However, as you delve deeper into this composition, you’ll notice many other genres are lurking around. There are some of the finest properties of Brit-pop, indie-pop, alternative rock, and even some significant elements of singer/songwriter performances. You’ll be ultimately surprised how acoustic guitar pairs with energetic drumming or how Knaggs’ powerful voice matches the calm, soothing, cathartic melodies. Feel Forever is one of those songs that immediately sparks your interest in researching the remainder of the artist’s catalog. It is a cleverly assembled indie composition that bursts with quality from scratch to finish. Feel Forever is available for listening to on all streaming platforms.





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