Major Kami - IYOAB

Major Kami – IYOAB

Major Kami - IYOAB

After a critically acclaimed works such as an introductory single, A Better Future, and a self-titled EP, Bordeaux-based synth artist Major Kami returns with another set of songs called Skandal. Skandal carries three compositions and their instrumental counterparts, making this material consisting of six tracks in total. However, the main focus is on IYOAB, a leading single with many catchy moments included along the way. It’s one of those songs that almost defines the direction of the entire recording but simultaneously invites you to listen to the remainder of the EP. The Major Kami probably thought about this clever move a lot, and maybe that’s why she picked up this particular composition as their leading single.

Major Kami
Photo by: Major Kami Man and 80 and design-3: Photo Brad Dillon
Major Kami

For those stumbling upon Major Kami for the first time, this clever artist uses electro-rock as a primary sonic direction. However, it’s not the only genre you’ll stumble upon while listening to IYOAB. Quite the contrary, there are some of the finest ingredients borrowed from complementary music genres such as synthwave, synth-pop, indie-pop, alt-pop, and indie-rock. IYOAB bursts with those late eighties to early nineties vibes, but it also carries some ambiance usually hearable in contemporary music. Major Kami thoroughly thought about each sonic maneuver and wisely implemented it into this track. You’ll notice how the synth leads, ambiances, basslines, and beats dominate throughout the entire song, while the powerful, confident, sincere vocal performance guides you throughout each segment of this number.

The back vocals and singalongs play significant roles in enhancing, decorating, and uplifting verses, pre-choruses, and choruses. It’s one of those details that makes IYOAB even catchier. Major Kami put brilliant ideas and exceptional musicianship into this single, and the effort is hearable from scratch to finish. IYOAB and Skandal EP are available on all streaming platforms.





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