Stonetree - Voidfill III EP

Stonetree – Voidfill III EP

Stonetree - Voidfill III EP

Tireless Austrian alternative rock machinery Stonetree is back with the third edition of Voidfill EP. These guys are unstoppable, and the most surprising thing is how everything they put out sounds divine. If you throw yourself back to their inception and then go way back to the present day, you’ll notice Stonetree released nothing but masterpieces. Just check out their full-length The Tempest, three editions of Voidfill EP, and a couple of singles such as Green Mountain, Love On The Run, and Closer. You’ll notice that their music resonates with sheer dynamics, brilliant ideas, and exceptional musicianship from scratch to finish. That’s the case with this third edition of Voidfill EP, which is probably their best release so far.

This edition consists of four compositions, heavily promoted by separate singles I mentioned above, Green Mountain, Love On The Run, and Closer. The band made a wise choice and promoted its activities by separating this material into singles, but they also left the fourth composition as a surprise once the EP came out. It’s a clever tactic used by many artists/bands out there, but not all of them have incredible tracks as Stonetree does. Soundwise, I have used the alternative rock as a starting point, but these guys are into many complementary subgenres of rock. You’ll stumble upon some grunge, stoner rock, sludge, indie, and everything they assembled for Voidfill III sounds divine. There’s no way you’ll hear any flaws while spinning this CD because Stonetree are pros in delivering premium alternative rock sound.

Voidfill III seems a bit heavier than their previous recordings, or at least the band took a slightly different approach while writing, composing, and recording this material. Everything seems heavier than ever before. The riffs are dense, powerful, and harmonious, the basslines are robust, and drumming comes like a more than necessary punch in the face. However, the lead vocal parts, back vocals, and singalongs come as a perfect contrast to the heavy musicianship. The vocal maneuvers also provide a particular dose of melodies and harmonies to this material, and Stonetree paid so much attention to it. That’s one of the main reasons why this material sound so good. These guys know how to assemble perfect songs that continuously levitate between old-school and contemporary rock maneuvers without sounding pretentious, repetitious, and boring. Quite the contrary, Voidfill III offers pure rock ‘n’ roll entertainment from beginning to end, and you will love it. Head to Stonetree’s Bandcamp page for more information about ordering their CD.





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