Bad Nasty - Chaos Is Order CD

Bad Nasty – Chaos Is Order CD

Bad Nasty - Chaos Is Order CD

Sometimes starting the working week may seem annoying, and this particular Monday undoubtedly demands some angry, pissed, energetic punk rock music. This release arrived a couple of days ago, but I purposely scheduled this post for today, so you can start your week with some powerful streetpunk songs. Chaos Is Order is a recent full-length release by Bad Nasty, a French (currently residing in Geneva, Switzerland) streetpunk trio established more than two decades ago. Besides Chaos Is Order, the band has released Early Years EP and several splits with Pestpocken, The Krays, The Dick Spikie, and Dingo. Therefore, Chaos Is Order is the first proper full-length by this outstanding trio.

Chaos Is Order carries ten thoughtfully arranged compositions suitable for those into faster, heavier, more aggressive punk rock sounds. Perhaps Bad Nasty almost solely rely upon the fundamentals of streetpunk music, but they’re doing it pretty damn well. If you pay closer attention, you’ll notice these guys combine some of the best qualities of early eighties UK82 and nineties US streetpunk music. However, they also implement generous servings of classic and modern melodic punk rock drenched in British hardcore punk aesthetics. It’s a clever combination of various subgenres of punk rock that perfectly fits their lyrical and musical abilities. Still, they also found a way to upgrade, enhance, and evolve these sonic maneuvers on an entirely new level.

Those who demand a more detailed cross-section into the sound of Bad Nasty may expect something the greats of the streetpunk genre like The Virus, The Casualties, A Global Threat, Combat Crisis, Krum Bums, Cheap Sex, Lower Class Brats, Time Again, etc. would eventually record during their careers. Chaos Is Order includes rough, raw, abrasive lead vocal parts, empowering back vocals and singalongs; fact-paced rhythmic sequences invigorated by various enhancements, accentuations, and drum fills; vividly hearable basslines that perfectly match the guitars. Each composition bursts with sheer power, energy, and aggression, and if streetpunk is your preferred subgenre of punk rock, then you must check out Chaos Is Order. The album is available on CD or cassette directly from the band on their Bandcamp page, but you can also check it out on all streaming platforms.





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