Aless Arias - 45 Hours

Aless Arias – 45 Hours

Aless Arias - 45 Hours
Photo by Natalie Ang

After a critically acclaimed single named Evolve, Australian artist Aless Arias recently released a brand new composition that will unquestionably appeal to those listeners interested in soothing dream pop sound. 45 Hours comes as an appropriate continuation of Evolve. However, this second single in the row also showcases some innovations and evolvement of Arias into a highly creative artist empowered by powerful vocal abilities. Her unique, confident, sincere performance will guide you through the entire composition while the calm, soothing, cathartic orchestrations lurk in the background. You’ll notice how chord progressions performed on acoustic guitar perfectly match keys or how warm-sounding basslines fit nicely into the robust rhythmic sequences.

Photo by Natalie Ang

The entire composition bursts with brilliant, beautiful, cleverly assembled melodies, harmonies, and ambiances, empowered by various enhancements, accentuations, decorations, and other qualities that define only the best dream pop songs. Perhaps Aless Arias almost solely relies upon the fundamentals of dream pop, but her music also carries some of the finest properties borrowed from other complementary music genres. You’ll hear some sonic ingredients and elements of indie pop, alt-pop, shoegaze, and soft-rock, but don’t be surprised if you catch other music genres along the way. Aless Arias delivers a well-balanced, thoughtfully arranged, skillfully performed dream pop composition worth putting on your indie playlist. I firmly believe 45 Hours will remain at the top for a while, or at least in the top 10. The single is available on all streaming platforms.





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