Anna Aaron – Gummy CD (Hummus Records)

Anna Aaron - Gummy CD - Hummus Records

We have another exceptional full-length release today. At first, I didn’t know what to expect because the visual identity of this release was something you usually see on contemporary commercial pop, hip-hop, or RnB albums. It could also indicate millions of other music genres, so the cover reveals everything and nothing at the same time. Therefore, it will leave you baffled until you put a CD in your player or vinyl on a turntable, depending on which format you prefer. Perhaps Anna Aaron‘s music dominantly leans toward indie pop, but it’s certainly not the only music genre lurking around. Anna Aaron’s discography counts albums like I’ll Dry Your Tears Little Murderer, Dogs In Spirit, Neuro, Pallas Dreams, On The Wings Of Supernatural Grace In The Arms Of The World, Moonwaves, and Gummy, so I am surprised how I missed this artist before. After thoroughly listening to her entire discography, I can only conclude you need to check out her music as soon as possible.

I will talk about Gummy today. It’s her latest full-length album released by Hummus Records, a prolific Swiss record label specializing in experimental, avant-garde, post-rock, noise rock, mathcore, and other similar genres. Gummy carries eleven excellent indie pop compositions suitable for any mood, moment, or situation. However, don’t be surprised if you stumble upon other music genres along the way. Anna Aaron perfectly combines elements of indie pop with dream pop, psych pop, lo-fi, trip-hop, shoegaze, psych rock, progressive rock, kraut rock, space rock, funk, and other similar genres. Some readers may find this as too many music genres combined into a singular album, but don’t worry, Anna Aaron knows what she’s doing. These numbers are thoroughly written, composed, and produced to perfection, so it’s easier to say you’ll sign up for an ear-appealing journey with many other sonic delicacies embarking along the way if you decide to check out this recording.

Gummy primarily focuses on a psychedelic ambiance achieved in many styles, forms, and technics. You’ll notice how analog, synth, and electronic sonic maneuvers intervene during the entire album. Each layer of ambiance, leads, melodies, harmonies, synth basslines, and analog beats plays a significant role in shaping this collection of songs. Aaron’s outstanding vocal abilities decorate this material even more, and you’ll notice how each vocal segment fits perfectly with the remainder of the orchestrations. Gummy is a fresh take on indie pop music, and you’ll be surprised how many unpredictable moments this material hides. This album will become your go-to soundtrack when you need some calm music decorated with brilliant lyricism and exceptional musicianship. Gummy is available on vinyl, CD, and all streaming platforms. Head to Hummus Records for more information about ordering.

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