Video Premiere: Watch 6 New Videos By Grunge Pop Records Bands

Video Premiere: Watch 6 New Videos By Grunge Pop Records Bands

Grunge Pop Records are bringing music lovers who miss the 90s Seattle “Sub Pop Sound” modern bands that have that new grunge noise. Watch six video premieres below.

Also, check out the interview with Grunge Pop Records and find out how they hired the founder of Sub Pop Records, who signed the greats such as Nirvana and Soundgarden. Click HERE

Minatore “Top Down”

Video (and figurines, models, concept, etc ) created, filmed, edited, and directed by Tommy Keeling

This unique two-piece from Nottingham, England’s burgeoning underground DIY scene is led by charismatic transgender (female-to-male) singer Tommy Keeling, with his cracked vocals and blistering guitars, and the band’s songs are propelled by Morgan Pettigrew, who pounds the drums in the thundering traditions of John Bonham and Ginger Baker. 

Sun Puddle “Sunday” (alternate version)

– Director: Cory Ingram

– Production Assistant: Daniel Thomas

– Production Assistant: Hailey Bunn

Sun Puddle is a rock trio from Seattle that have a penchant for writing compelling songs about society’s outsiders and a flair for catchy pop taking influences from early Nirvana, Melvins, and Sonic Youth. 

Triptych “Means To An End”

Triptych are the new rock sound of Glasgow, Scotland. Loud riffs influenced by Nirvana, Biffy Clyro, Tokyo Police Club, Delta Sleep and Fugazi, this dynamic trio fuses off-time rhythmic meters and progressive math rock ideals, forging today’s New Alt Indie and post-alternative grunge into one. 

Stereotyped “Wasteland”

Video filmed, edited, and directed by Hayden Appleton

Because of their attitude, their sound, and the pure potential for them to break out and connect to the disaffected youth, “Nirvana meets Oasis” is the best way to describe the four teenagers who play in Stereotyped. Coming from Manchester, England, Stereotyped is set to carry on the great musical legacy brought forth from their home city that gave the world The Buzzcocks, Joy Division, The Smiths, Oasis, and many more.

Cages For Preachers “Bury The Hatchet”

Filmed, edited and directed by Ryan Mathura

Teenage band Cages For Preachers from Nottingham, UK, are a grunge/Metal hybrid that blend the sounds of Led Zeppelin, Soundgarden, and Jeff Buckley into one. Their powerful guitar-driven rock with intensely sung vocals has gained them a loyal underground following and band members often end up joining the mosh pits at their sold out hometown shows.

Alien Feelings “Town That Made Me” (lyric video)

Alien Feelings come from Wrexham in the industrial borders of North Wales armed with choruses that prove there’s only one thing better than a singalong: a shoutalong. Loud and aggressive, theirs is the anguished howl of the backwaters where there’s little else to do but play punk rock and get stoned.

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