Mean Sea – Puke Mouth

Mean Sea - Puke Mouth

Baltimore-based indie trio Mean Sea has released a brand new single today. Puke Mouth is their first single this year and third piece of work since 2016. This particular composition comes as an appropriate continuation of their debut single Feeling Old and Sorry We’re Late EP. However, their new number delivers many innovations demonstrated through superb musicianship, songwriting, composing, catchy arrangements, accentuations, enhancements, and other decorations that define all good indie tracks. Still, Puke Mouth showcase many other sonic ingredients along the way. Perhaps this song solely relies upon fundamentals of the indie genre, but don’t be surprised if you stumble upon some of the finest properties of alternative, emo, and pop-punk.

Mean Sea

Mean Sea thoroughly planned everything, so Puke Mouth bursts with semi-distorted melodies, arpeggiated chord progressions, vividly hearable warm-sounding basslines, excellent lead vocal performance, vocal harmonies, heavy beats, and ear-appealing ambiance. All these qualities will immediately buy your attention because each one of these elements plays a significant role in shaping their sound. Mean Sea bursts with power from scratch to finish, and as soon as you press play, you’ll notice the sheer experience of this excellent band. It’s also good to mention that Mean Sea also announce their upcoming EP, so keep your eyes peeled on their Instagram page for more news and check out this track on your favorite streaming platform.

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