Avaraj – Acquaintances

Avaraj - Acquaintances

After exceptional singles released this year, such as Skeletons Fall, Don’t Go Without Me, Intermission, What I Deserved, Summer, Silhouette, and a four-song EP Toxic Love Stories, Atlanta-based indie artist Avaraj returns with another outstanding composition. Acquaintances is the twelfth single in a row since 2022 and probably the best work by this prolific artist. Perhaps Acquaintances relies upon fundamentals of contemporary pop-punk music, but there are unquestionably more music genres lurking around. If you pay close attention to Avaraj‘s previous works, you’ll notice some of the finest elements of emo, alternative, indie rock, indie pop, and hip-hop. That’s the case with Acquaintances as well, but it seems this composition leans much more towards pop-punk than the remainder of her discography.


Avaraj thoroughly combined everything, so Acquaintances appears like a fine piece of sonic artistry from scratch to finish. This composition differs from other pop-punk tracks you regularly come across in streaming services, mainly because Avaraj thought about even the tiniest details while writing and recording this song. Of course, the vocal parts are the centerpiece of this number, and you’ll hear each word she sings along the way. Her voice perfectly pairs catchy chord progressions, powerful riffs, and cleverly assembled melodies. Of course, nothing would sound so profoundly dynamic without warm-sounding basslines and energetic drumming sequences. Each instrument plays a significant role in this sonic equation, and the producer/sound engineer did a tremendous job. Each orchestration bursts with sheer power and flawlessly match Avaraj’s vocal abilities. Acquaintances continuously levitate between pop-punk, indie rock, and emo, so this track will be right up your alley if you’re into some of these music genres. The single is available for listening to on all streaming platforms.

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