Nothing More Release Spirits; Watch Video For Best Times

Nothing More

Three-time Grammy-nominated rock outfit NOTHING MORE’s latest studio album SPIRITS is out todayOctober 14th, via Better Noise Music across all platforms. On their new album, SPIRITSNOTHING MORE- Jonny Hawkins (vocals), Mark Vollelunga (guitar, backing vocals), Daniel Oliver (bass) and Ben Anderson (drums)pair unapologetically massive anthems, catchy hooks, and progressive music with introspective, philosophical lyrics and thought-provoking emotionalism. From the Top 5 Active Rock charting lead single “TIRED OF WINNING” and its fan-driven extended version “TIRED OF WINNING / SHIPS IN THE NIGHT” to fist-pounding banger “TURN IT UP LIKE” and their most recent impassioned single “YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT LOVE MEANS”SPIRITS documents the impact the past two years of lockdown and turmoil has had on the world, capturing society’s desperation, mental health struggles and self-realizations. Inspired by philosophers including Alan Watts and Carl Jung, NOTHING MORE have also launched their own meta-personality test, “SPIRITS TEST”, developed by Hawkins, which measures psychometrics to determine your“SPIRIT TYPE” –a personality description that shows your correlating elements, paths and perceptions.
Singer Jonny Hawkins shared: “This album is a mass experiment to see which SPIRIT TYPES connect to particular songs on the record. Go to and then listen to our new album”.
Stream/download SPIRITS now HERE. Take the “SPIRITS TEST” and discover your “SPIRIT TYPE” HERE.

In their latest music video for“BEST TIMES”NOTHING MORE stress the power of living in the moment. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Robyn August (“Party With Me”, Snoop Dogg, Pitbull, Set It Off), the video displays the band’s unique mix of rock balladry and the full-on rock that the band is known for. The “BEST TIMES” music video can be seen now via YouTube (HERE).

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