Sunsleeper – While You Can LP (Rude Records)

Sunsleeper - While You Can LP - Rude Records

We’re all witnessing the blooming of the emo scene, with many new bands popping out from every corner of the globe. The most surprising thing about this phenomenon is that each group sounds superb, and it differs from the remainder of the contemporaries. It’s also interesting how many of those bands incorporates some of the finest properties of shoegaze, dream pop, grunge, and alternative into their music. However, many failed in their attempt to blend these ingredients into a soothing, harmonious, cathartic listening experience. All these bands sound good, but somehow, they always lack a couple of qualities that would make their songs shine even brighter. Still, there’s a group that ultimately succeeded in doing this. Sunsleeper is a relatively new band that knows how to get things done properly, and their new album is a perfect example.

While You Can carry ten excellent emo songs. Still, this isn’t yet another batch of emo tracks you stumble upon on the web every day. Quite the contrary, Sunsleeper experimented with several complementary music genres to achieve the desired sound. You may notice some of the finest elements of indie rock, indie pop, dream pop, shoegaze, grunge, alternative, and post-hardcore music, but don’t be surprised if you hear other ingredients along the way. Sunsleeper measured reasonable amounts of each one of these elements, blended them, and created a comprehensive collection of pleasant numbers that will satisfy even the pickiest fans of emo music. There are a couple of tracks that might not be right up my alley because of the similarities with commercial pop music, but overall, While You Can is one of the best emo, indie, and shoegaze releases this year.

Sunsleeper ultimately nailed that soothing, calm, reverby ambiance that is one of the main characteristics of shoegaze and dream pop music. Unlike many similar groups that roam the contemporary scene, these guys are not overwhelming their compositions with heavy dosages of reverb, echo, and delay. Therefore, you’ll hear all the vocal parts, arpeggiated chord progressions, riffs, themes, melodies, basslines, and rhythmic sequences with ease. Their sense of balance makes this material even more appealing. Who knows, maybe that’s the reason why While You Can sounds so good, but these folks know how to write, compose, and arrange meaningful emo tracks drenched into a reasonable dosage of shoegaze music. While You Can is a must if you’re into the beforementioned music genres, and you’ll not be disappointed by this record. Head to Rude Records for more information about ordering.

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