NEØV – Picture Of The Good Life LP (Clouds Hill)

NEØV - Picture Of The Good Life LP - Clouds Hill

Recently, I had a chance to write a review about Captured Images by NEØV. This Finnish indie duo immediately blew me away with their brilliant ideas and exceptional musicianship. Therefore, I decided to delve deeper into their discography and write something about Picture Of A Good Life, their second full-length album released on vinyl by Clouds Hill. The first thing I noticed when I grabbed this vinyl into my hands was that these guys thought about every detail while working on this release. Picture Of A Good Life looks like a fine piece of audio/visual artistry decorated by a beautiful painting on the front, while the back side carries a tracklist and regular information about the record label. The inlay cover holds a comprehensive collection of the band’s photos and lyrics for each composition included on this ear-appealing piece of plastic.

Picture Of A Good Life carries nine excellent indie compositions that will appeal to your listening apparatus no matter what music genre you prefer. I used indie as a starting point, but NEØV unquestionably explores several complementary music genres to illustrate luxurious sonic imagery. Maybe they use indie rock as a starting point, but many elements are lurking throughout the entire album. You’ll notice some of the best properties of shoegaze, dream pop, post-rock, grunge, alternative, and ambient music included in almost every composition. Maybe this impressive amalgam of music genres might sound like too much to some readers, but NEØV thoroughly planned each maneuver and composed these numbers to carry such a calm, relaxing, and soothing ambiance. Because of all these elements, Picture Of A Good Life is a perfect album for any mood, moment, and occasion.

The thing I adore the most about this record are the enormous amounts of reverb, echo, and delay. These guys implemented these effects, so their album could burst with a cathartic atmosphere that perfectly suits the listening apparatus. It enhances the listening experience on an entirely new level, and even heavy, decently distorted riffs, catchy synths, vividly hearable warm-sounding basslines, and profoundly dynamic rhythmic sequences are not spoiling the calmness of this albuml. Quite the contrary, all these orchestrations go hand in hand with the abovementioned cathartic atmosphere. That proves my point that NEØV thought about everything while assembling this exceptional record. Perhaps this material was released last year, but it unquestionably deserves your utmost attention. You need to hear Picture Of A Good Life to comprehend its brilliance. Head to NEØV’s official webstore, Bandcamp page or Clouds Hill webstore for more information about ordering.

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